Visual Studio 2008 SP1 crashes on close - by SerialSeb-

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ID 362508 Comments
Status Closed Workarounds
Type Bug Repros 17
Opened 8/19/2008 11:10:13 AM
Access Restriction Public


Visual studio exits successfully when the the right-hand container contains the solution explorer.
Trying to move the container to the left-hand causes the IDE to crash with the following message
Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:	BEX
  Application Name:	devenv.exe
  Application Version:	9.0.30729.1
  Application Timestamp:	488f2b50
  Fault Module Name:	unknown
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp:	00000000
  Exception Offset:	330001ca
  Exception Code:	c0000005
  Exception Data:	00000008
  OS Version:	6.0.6001.
  Locale ID:	2057
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Posted by Bidyut Kumar Mondal on 6/13/2012 at 12:03 PM
I have reproduced this issue on my box & attaching dump file to this forum. Please have a look on to it & let us know if more information is required.
Posted by Microsoft on 3/12/2009 at 3:40 PM
A fix for a widely reported crash in the Visual Studio 2008 IDE is now available. This fixes a crash that occurs after changing layouts and then changing modes. The layout changes can be undocking/docking windows, and the mode changes are starting/stopping debugging or changing to/from Full Screen. This bug was introduced in Service Pack 1 and the fix for this is now available for download via Code Gallery at:

Dave Lubash
Microsoft Visual Studio
Posted by Dev007 on 12/12/2008 at 5:52 PM
I am able to repro this on Clean OS Builds, multiple computers 100%. If you would like you could come down to our company in Kirkland and see one. This bug makes Visual Studio almost unusable.
Posted by DamianH on 10/17/2008 at 6:05 AM
Duplicate of bug that is still open is here:

Please rate it and add it to your watch list.
Posted by Microsoft on 9/2/2008 at 2:44 PM
We have not been able to reproduce the issue and are rewriting much of this code for the next major release of Visual Studio.

-Noah Coad, Microsoft Visual Studio Platform Program Manager,
Posted by Microsoft on 8/26/2008 at 12:40 AM
Hi, given that we have not heard back from you in 7 days. We will go ahead and close this Connect Issue. If you get a chance to review and provide the information requested earlier, you can go ahead and reactivate this issue.
Posted by Victor Kuznetsov on 8/25/2008 at 11:48 PM
See also the next forum thread:
Posted by Victor Kuznetsov on 8/22/2008 at 7:22 AM
For me the VS2008 SP1 IDE crashes on close every time after I've re-dock the control bar contained solution explorer.
See movie:
Posted by Microsoft on 8/19/2008 at 7:15 PM
Thanks for reporting the issue.
In order to fix the issue, we must first reproduce the issue in our labs. We are unable to reproduce the issue with the steps you provided.

It may help if you provide us with a dump file

You can get the dump file with the following steps:
1. Download the Debugging Tools from Windows from and install. Assume that you copy it to “C:\Debuggers”.

2. Open a command line prompt. Close all unnecessary applications.

3. Try to reproduce the problem.

4. Before VS IDE crashes , execute the following command at the command line prompt:

cscript C:\Debuggers\adplus.vbs -crash -FullOnFirst -pn devenv.exe –o C:\Dump

Dump file will be generated at “C:\Dump” and it usually takes several hundred MB. Make sure that you have sufficient disk space.

5. After VS IDE crash, please go to the folder “C:\Dump”. There can be multiple .DMP files. If their size are huge, please add the first .DMP file sorted by the timestamp (e.g. the first .DMP file captured) to a zip and upload it to the workspace:
Password: vyQZ*[k7PAVWFz*

If we do not receive a response from you after 7-days , we will automatically close your issue. There is no obligation to respond -- at any time you may edit your issue via Connect and change the status to “Active.”

Thank you,
Visual Studio Product Team