Win 8 Maps Search Charm - multi-line or "smart" address search box - by Mark.Orlassino

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Opened 6/25/2013 10:25:20 AM
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If an end-user performs a cut and paste of a multi-line address (i.e. and address with line feeds and/or carriage returns) the Win 8 Map app should either (1) accept the address replacing the CR-LF(s) with commas or allow the search box to be multi-lined.  The use case is as follows, end-user copies a multi-line address from a web page or document and when the end-user pastes it into the maps search charm with the present version of the map app the parts of the address after the first line feed or carriage return is dropped forcing the end user to have to manually format the address into one line before pasting it into the maps search charm search box.  This is a annoying to the end-user. 
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