Add distance line/circle capabilities to Bing maps - by Bing Master

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Opened 10/15/2013 4:11:20 PM
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It would be a cool mapping feature if Bing maps allowed me to draw one of two objects on their map:
 - Distance Line:  often I want to get an idea on far a distance is between two points.  Instead of putting in driving directions, allow me to draw two a line between two points and based on the scale of the map being displayed, tell me the approximate distance.  As an added feature, pick the nearest destinations to my end points and chart a driving directions path.
 - Distance Circle:  often I want to get an idea of what is near me given a specific distance (say a half days drive).  It would be a cool feature of Bing to allow me to draw a circle with a distance indicator of the radius that shows the distance from a given center point.  I could then get an idea of all the destination points within my circle.  The circle would leverage the scale of the map and allow me to zoom in on a given location.  As an added feature, it would calculate attractions/restaurants/landmarks/interest points within my circle.  The feature should then allow me to select a destination point and using the circle center, chart a driving direction path for me.
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