About Connect

Microsoft Connect was launched in July 2005. Since then millions of users have joined the site to improve the quality and impact the direction of future releases of Microsoft products by providing their feedback.

To date, more than 90,000 defects have been fixed and more than 7,000 ideas have been implemented in Microsoft products thanks to people like you!

Some of the things you can do in this web site are:

  • Find Microsoft products that are currently accepting feedback from the community
  • Participate in feedback programs managed by Microsoft product teams
  • Download and test beta products
  • Submit bugs and suggestions for future releases of Microsoft Products
  • Vote, comment, and validate other people’s feedback

Getting Started With Connect

  1. Find a product in the Product Directory that is currently accepting feedback
  2. Apply for the Feedback Program that you are interested in (some programs do not require application)
  3. Start participating!
You can browse some sections of the site without having to register. However in order to participate and get access to most things you need to sign in with a Windows Live ID and Register with Connect.

Connect Focus

Microsoft Connect is a place for you to submit bugs and suggestions for Microsoft products which will be considered for addressing in a future release.

Please note that not every Microsoft released product is accepting feedback from the community at any given time. When and how a product team requests feedback from their users varies from product to product. You can find all products that are currently accepting feedback on Microsoft Connect listed in the Product Directory.

Microsoft Connect is not a support site. If you are experiencing any problems with a released version of a Microsoft product, please refer to these other resources: Microsoft Support | MSDN Forums | TechNet Forums | Microsoft Answers.


To see answers to common questions using Microsoft Connect, go to Help.