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Welcome to XNA Game Studio on Microsoft Connect!

XNA Creators Club Online
The XNA Creators Club Online website is a community of game developers using XNA Game Studio.  This site offers a wide range of resources from forums, samples, starter kits, and more, and allows Premium Members to publish their games to the Xbox LIVE Indie Games Channel on the Xbox 360. Get started at http://creators.xna.com.

Forums on XNA Creators Club Online
XNA forums are available as part of XNA Creators Club Online.  Members, along with XNA team members and MVP’s, are active on the forums daily, helping developers interested or who are currently using XNA Game Studio.  Join the conversation at http://forums.xna.com.

Bugs and Suggestions
You will be required to register with Microsoft Connect before you can submit bugs and suggestions.  (See "register on Connect" in the upper right)


Then use the Feedback item in the navigation bar to choose a feedback form.



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