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Training activities that may be restricted if you participate in exam development


SME Involvement in Exam Development and Training Development

SMEs involved in the development of a Microsoft Certified Professional exam CANNOT be involved in any aspect of the development of training that is considered part of the learning path for that exam. This applies to all types of training, including instructor-led training, e-Learning, and some books and some aspects of the Community Authoring Initiative, and all training development vendors, including Microsoft Learning, other groups within Microsoft, and third parties. This does not apply to training designed to teach skills related to the use of technology and that is not intended to prepare someone for the related exam(s). However, if a perceived or actual link between the training and exam exists, SMEs involved in the development of one cannot be involved in the development of the other (and vice versa). You will be required to sign a Conflict of Interest (COI) statement prior to beginning work on any exam development project. If you have questions about this requirement or if you have or plan to work on training development, discuss this requirement with the vendor before you sign the COI statement.


SME Involvement in Exam Development and Training Delivery


SMEs who participate in the alpha or technical review cannot deliver training that is considered part of the learning path for that exam for one year following the alpha review. At this time, this restriction applies only to the alpha review phase of exam development.


Why We Have These Restrictions

These restrictions ensure that the exam is an independent, third party evaluation of skills and abilities. They also ensure that our exams measure real world experience rather than training effectiveness.


Conflict of Interest Statement

If you are selected to participate in an exam development project, the vendor will send you a conflict of interest (COI) statement that must be signed prior to start of any work. After you review the COI, you can choose not to participate in exam development if the stated requirements limit your ability to participate in other activities.