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Windows MultiPoint Server

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WMS 2012 Elite Generic USB-Over-Ethernet Driver for MCT and SMSC Chipset

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This driver provides the USB-Over-Ethernet functionality for WMS zero clients that use the MCT or SMSC chipset.

After installing it, you will still need to install the MCT or SMSC USB VGA driver portion of your device.

If you do not have a seperate USB VGA driver for your MCT or SMSC device, you may install an older "combined" MCT or SMSC driver that contains an older Elite USB-Over-Ehternt driver plus a USB VGA driver.

Then remove the older USB-Over-Ethernet driver that came in the combined package (leaving the VGA driver), and install this generic Elite USB-Over-Ethernet driver.


These drivers are third party drivers and are hosted on Connect as a convenience for WMS customers. The drivers are provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. No support is provided by Microsoft for these drivers.

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GenericWMSZeroClientService_Setup_13_0926_S0119_G1039_Cert.exe 14.47 MB Download